Apple AirPods are on sale at Amazon. The best-selling wireless headphones in the world can be ours for just 139 euros.

They are the fashion accessory and it is not for less. Despite the coronavirus crisis, which has caused mobile phone sales to drop globally, the wireless headphone market remains unstoppable. People have seen all the advantages that these devices bring with them and that is that once you try the comfort of a bluetooth device, you completely forget about the cables.

Wireless headphones there are many on the market. Cheap and not so cheap. From brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, realme – whose new Buds Air Neo are already on sale for less than 40 euros – and even Samsung. However, there is a firm that completely dominates this sector and it is Apple. Its AirPods are leaders without discussion and although they are not exactly cheap, they work perfectly even on Android terminals. Although now we can take advantage of this succulent offer to get hold of them.

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Get the best wireless headphones thanks to this succulent offer

Some scientists are warning that AirPods and other bluetooth headsets could cause cancer

Apple’s AirPods are the world’s best-selling wireless headphones, there’s a reason

It is the second generation AirPods, wireless headphones that have already made millions of people fall in love throughout the world and that is that the latest known data is devastating. Apple sweeps almost half of the market share and far exceeds the second, Samsung, so it seems that no other brand is going to be able to keep up with the bitten apple.

And is not for less. Quality sound, outstanding construction and remarkable autonomy. Its price is not the cheapest on the market but it is certainly if not the best headphones on the market, at least they are in the top three.

And now they can be ours for just 139 euros, a discount of 40 euros from their official price. And rest assured, because even if we do not have an Apple device we can easily enjoy this add-on. Obviously with an iPhone we will squeeze their full potential but we can also use them to listen to music or talk on the phone. In addition, if we have an iPad or a MacBook we can also use them on this type of device.

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