Google offers more options to write in Spanish in Docs

Google has created a new assistance feature in Docs, to help remove obstacles when writing and to allow people to focus on their ideas.

According to the company, the expansion of assisted writing in the Spanish application will help “more people around the world to write more accurately, faster and with more confidence.”

The company explains that Google Docs is an important tool for capturing ideas and sharing information, but “spelling and grammatical errors can distract readers and seem unprofessional.”

The technology has been developed by the group in charge of working on artificial intelligence systems, delivering functions that will natively provide writing assistance within the program to write without errors and with confidence.

Google offers more options to write in Spanish in Docs

Regarding the update, the company has emphasized that for the improvement to start working, it is not necessary to install any original software, so the content you have in the program will remain safe.

The company emphasized that “starting today, when you write in Spanish within Docs, you will see grammar suggestions powered by our leading neural network and translation technologies, and if you want to change languages, the program will automatically do so in which you are writing and will send corresponding suggestions ”.

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This update joins a built-in update a few weeks ago called automatic spell checking, which is a self-contained system for automatically correcting misspelled words as you use Docs.

In the event that you are a G Suite client, from today you can start enjoying the grammatical corrections and suggestions in Spanish, where the company also announced that “we plan to extend these features to consumers and organizations in the future as well.”

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