The new version of Google Photos arrives on iOS and Android starting next week.

We knew that a redesign of Google Photos was about to hit the app, and Google has finally made it official. The new version of Google Photos lands from next week on Android and iOS with great news, ranging from a brand new icon, up to a renewed design that promises to facilitate the experience when browsing and consulting our images and videos.

Among the big changes in this update is the new map view, Which will allow locate more precisely where our favorite photos were taken. In addition, Google has wanted to give more importance to the search system integrated in the app, and its “Stories” introduced last year, called “Memories”.

New version of Google Photos for Android

The new logo and map view of the new version of Photos

All the news coming to Google Photos

With this update, Google Photos removes all four tabs for the first time from the bottom navigation bar, to offer only three tabs in order to simplify the experience:

  • Photos: here will be all the images and videos stored in our Photos unit. However, the thumbnails will be larger, there will be less wasted space, and the videos will play automatically. In addition, a Memories section – the “Stories” of Google Photos – will appear with a more prominent size at the top.

  • Search: Search is now much more important, and makes it easier to quickly find photos or videos showing people, places, or entire things. In addition, an interactive map appears that allows you to see all the captured content in one place. According to Google, this panel now takes even more advantage of the functions of machine learning that contains the application.

  • Bookstore: This tab contains albums, favorite content, archived content, and other sections of the application.

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Without a doubt, the biggest news of this update is the new map view. Google explains that this has been one of the most requested functions by users of Google Photos, and has worked to offer a tool that is as complete and easy to use as possible.

On the map, it is possible to enlarge at any location, and the images and videos associated with that location will appear in an interactive way at the bottom. Please note that in order to use this feature, photos must have location information, which can be added manually or by activating the location history.

Beyond all that, Google also announces a redesign of the Google Photos logo, since the platform had been using its original icon since its introduction in 2015. Now, Google is adding to the fashion of minimalistic icons with rounded shapes, eliminating the depth and the classic textures of the previous icon. Below, you can see a video that explains the evolution of the brand and the Photos logo:

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To conclude, they indicate that the memories” introduced last year are now more relevant than ever, and have been added new types of memories that will appear automatically at the top of the app. According to Google, every month they are more than 120 million people who visit their memories through Google Photos.

The great update of Google Photos will be available from next week, and will come to both Android and iOS.

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