In recent weeks, a series of protests are taking place around the world against all forms of racism, and many major companies have been supporters of the movement. Black Lives Matter, who fights for equality among all people. For example, Google, which has a problem with Play Store malware, is one of these companies and now the Chrome team has decided to change the terms “white list” and “black list” for “racially neutral” options.

On this occasion the Google Chrome browser developers and the open source ‘software’ Chromium have confirmed through a document that they are currently working to modify the terms “white list” and “black list” in their official code guide for “racially neutral” options. A document describing that Chrome and Chromium developers should avoid the words “black list” and “white list” for neutral terms like “Block list” and “allowed list”.

Dark mode in Google Chrome

Dark mode in Google Chrome.

The Mountain View company had already made some progress in changing the “block list” instead of “black list”, specifically for the month of May 2018. However, the internal code of Chrome still has a lot of blacklist references, including a complete section of code called “components / blacklist”. In the wake of the latest move, which has sparked protests across the globe, a Chromium developer has taken it upon himself to fulfill Chrome’s desire to have a racially neutral code.

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Google Chrome to adopt “racially neutral” code

Google CHrome for Android

Google Chrome on an Android device

From 9to5google have pointed out that it has already been presented a new code change that tries to safely replace every possible instance of the word “blacklist” without breaking any part of the browser, with the ultimate goal of renaming “components / blacklist” to “components / blocklist”.

In total, as reported from the same medium, there are more than 2,000 references to the word “black list” which will be replaced once the code change has been reviewed and accepted. A measure with which the Mountain View company to combat racism in all its forms, and more considering that, as the document points out, “terms such as‘ black list ’and blanca white list’ reinforce the feeling that black equals bad and white equals good

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