Google will now do fact check on images

Google announced that it will now also have fact-finding tags in image searches to aid in the process of detecting false news, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, when you search Google Images, you can see a “Fact Check” tag below the thumbnail image results. When you tap one of these results to view the image in a larger format, you will see a summary of the fact check that appears on the underlying web page. These tags may appear for both fact-checking articles on specific images and fact-checking articles that include an image in the story, ”a company statement said.

Those of Mountain View also add that “lThe fact verification labels appear on the results that come from independent and authorized sources on the web that comply with our criteria. These sources are based on ClaimReview , an open method used by publishers to indicate fact verification content to search engines. ”

Google also claims that se you can access the complete fact check library through a dedicated search tool and an open API.

“As in the case of Search, adding this tag in the Google Images results does not affect the classification; our systems are designed to display the most relevant and reliable information available, including from sources that provide fact checks, ”the company concluded.

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