Grape mask to combat skin aging

Homemade face masks are a viable option for taking care of our skin. In this way, our skin can absorb all the natural nutrients and accessories that our face needs to revitalize and regenerate for a smoother and smoother appearance.

One of the best benefits of grapes is that a component that contains high levels of polyphenols and natural antioxidants that act against free radicals, which are responsible for slowing cell aging and the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

Another of the secrets of beauty What grapes hide is that it has an active ingredient called resveratrol, which is an enzyme that is also responsible for delaying the aging of our skin, and it is also a supplement found in several of our cosmetics.

How to make a mask of grapes to combat aging?

  • Anti-wrinkle mask


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Preparation method

Cut the grapes in half and gently rub the pulp on your face and neck, apply the pulp to the areas most exposed to expression lines and wrinkles such as the eyes and mouth, for 20 minutes, apply a little pressure on those areas with the grape pulp. Then remove with warm water and rinse your face. Do this procedure once a week.

Grape mask to combat skin aging. Unsplash

  • Grape mask for eye contour

As we know that one of the areas of our face that is most noticeable age is from the eyes, so here we tell you how to prepare a homemade eye contour.


2 green seedless grapes

2 vitamin E capsules

Preparation method

Combine these ingredients in a container, mix until you get a paste, apply to the contour of your eyes throughout the night and the next morning, clean your face with water.

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