Price: CDN$ 39.99
(as of Oct 11,2020 10:54:11 UTC – Details)

HappyLight Touch brings your personal light therapy experience to a new zenith of ease and modernity with a sleek design. Boost energy, improve mood, and regulate sleep patterns using our newest HappyLight LED lamp. With a light output of 10,000 lux, the newest addition to our family puts forth full spectrum light for happy & healthy lifestyle.Gender:Unisex

Ideal for frequent, moderate session times
Use discreetly on a desktop or kitchen table
Portable – fits in a briefcase or backpack
Replaceable Optix Glare Control Lens reduces eyestrain and fatigue
Longer sessions – Casual, longer sessions deliver the equivalent benefits of 10,000 lux (e.g., use it while working or studying).

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