Telegram It is a platform similar to WhatsApp that has been on the market for a long time. Since 2013, the love and respect of many users has been earned. And is that much of its popularity lies because it is a messaging network with many special features and functions.

As we have already been saying, this platform has the ability to send and receive files of up to 1.5 GB, including high-resolution photos and images, documents, videos and more. In addition, it offers the possibility of joining the best news, sports, technology and mobile channels so that you stay up-to-date with the latest technological news.

To make matters worse, you can create secret chat and interact in groups of up to 200,000 members. Great! No?. The advantage of being administrator of these groups and channels on Telegram, is that you can post comments or messages that can help you communicate with all users at the same time. In this way, you will avoid repeating the information every time a new member arrives in your space.

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If you want to learn how post comments on groups and Telegram channels, you must follow the steps that we show you below:

How to post a comment on a group or Telegram channel

This task is very common among the creators of groups and channels of this platform, it is used to give a message and leave it anchored at the top of the chat window. In this way, each member can be aware and in tune with what you want to transmit.

How to post a comment on a group or Telegram channel

How to post a comment on a group or Telegram channel step by step

Generally or to give you an idea, in the comment you can put the rules or instructions that they must follow or in such case “comply” to avoid being kicked out. And in the case of channels, you can welcome new subscribers and explain the approach or theme, giving an idea of ​​what the channel is about.

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Once these points are clarified, we proceed to show how to post comments in groups and channels Step by Step:

In groups

  • Write a message or text. Applies for Rules, instructions, regulations, welcomes, issues or more.
  • Send the comment as you usually always do.

How to post a comment on a Telegram group

  • After that, right-click on the text and go to the option “Anchor message”.

anchor message on Telegram

  • When selecting the option, it will ask you: Do you want to anchor this message? you must check the option “Notify all members” and then press the word “Anchor”.

Telegram anchor option

  • Done, only then will you confirm that the message will be pinned and available to all group members.

Comment posted at the top of the chat

In channels

  • Write the text you want to anchor. Here it applies to all kinds of content, videos, messages, welcome, or a file to download.
  • Send the text or file as you usually always do.

How to post a comment on a Telegram channel

  • Then, click on the comment and a menu will appear with the options. Press the one that says “Anchor message”.
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Option to anchor message in the chat of Telegram channels

  • Immediately a window will appear with the following question: Do you want to anchor this message? Confirm by selecting “Anchor”.

Anchor telegram option

  • Done, now everyone can see the comment.

Comment posted at the top of the Telegram channel

It should be noted that the task of post comments on groups and Telegram channels It is widely used above all to prevent groups from deviating from the subject, to avoid spam, swearing, scams, illegal sales and purchases, among others.

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We hope these tricks for post messages they have served you for expand communication in your environment. This messaging network It has many tricks to discover, the invitation is to keep you on the lookout for each update.

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