A phone with Twitch

You may not have noticed, but the new Twitch interface removed the option to download videos. Although it was not intentional, apparently the ability to download clips from Twitch will not reach the updated site. The good news is that, although there is no built-in way to download them with a click, it is possible to save your favorite moments from this platform.

A phone with Twitch

In fact, downloading clips from Twitch is still very simple, even if there is no specific button. There are several ways to do it, so you even have options. For us, the easiest way is to use Google Chrome or Firefox, but you can also use some external resources to download the clips you like the most.

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How to download clips from Twitch with Clipr

Many people use an external tool to download clips from Twitch. For this example we use a site called Clipr. Since it was created specifically for taking videos from Twitch, it is definitely the easiest to use.

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First open the clip you want to save in your browser and copy the URL. Then, in another tab, go to the Clipr site.

How to download clips from Twitch with Clipr

When Clipr is open, you will see a space to put the URL. Paste it there and click Download.

How to download clips from Twitch with Clipr

Now you will have the opportunity to download the clip and save it to your computer.

There are numerous different sites and various ways to download clips from Twitch, but this site is the simplest.

Download clips from Twitch with Google Chrome or Firefox

Although using an external source is fine, sometimes it’s better to just download the video from your browser. This will allow you to choose the resolution and gives you more control over what you download to your computer; It is an infallible way to get that video that you love at the resolution you want.

It is very easy to download Twitch clips from the browser. However, if you want the easiest method, be sure to use Firefox or Google Chrome. You will have to use the tool To inspect, but then the download process is simple.

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How to download clips from Twitch

First search for the video and set the quality in which you want it to download. When you find the ideal resolution, pause the video. Then right click on it and choose To inspect.

How to download clips from Twitch

Scroll around a bit, until you see a line with a link that starts with “https: // clips-media-assets2 …” and ends with “.mp4” (you can copy it from here and use it to search within the elements of To inspect). This line can vary from one video to another, but the beginning of the link will always be the same.

Double-click on it to be able to copy it. When it’s highlighted, you can use Control + C (if you’re using a PC) Command + C (on a Mac) or just right-click and choose copy.

How to download clips from Twitch

Then open another window, paste the link, and if you accidentally copied some extra code, delete it. This will cause the video to start downloading automatically. Then the clip will appear in your download folder and you can move it wherever you want.

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