A phone with the Twitter application

Communication in the social network of microblogging par excellence becomes increasingly specialized. The latest proof of this is the arrival of audio messages or audio kits. But there is another quite useful feature that allows you to express your ideas beyond 280 characters. In this article, we tell you how to effectively thread on Twitter.

If you have no idea what a thread is, the platform itself explains it: “Sometimes, we need more than one tweet to express what we want. A thread on Twitter is a series of connected tweets from the same person. ”

The service adds that this tool offers the possibility to provide more context, an update or an opinion on a certain topic.

A phone with the Twitter application

Although it depends on whether you are on the desktop or on your mobile device, the creation of a thread is more or less reduced in the following steps:

  • Press the icon that allows you to compose a new tweet.
  • Start writing the post, which will be the one that introduces users to your thread. You will see how a button with the “+” symbol is activated.
  • When you finish your first tweet, press this button to add another related post. You must repeat the process until your thread is complete.
  • If you think that a tweet of your thread needs to be edited, just click on it and make the changes you consider necessary.
  • When you think your thread is ready, you only have to click on the button Tweet everything.
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How to make a thread from a previous tweet

Twitter also allows you to go back to a previous tweet, already published, to start a thread, although this function is only available in the mobile application.

  • Press the icon that allows you to compose a new publication.
  • In the new interface, instead of starting to type, drag your finger down. The last tweet you posted will appear so you can start with your thread.
  • If that is not what you want to start a new thread, click on the three horizontally aligned points. You will see other of your previous posts unfold.
  • Once you have chosen the tweet, what follows is to write the ones that will make up the thread, just as explained at the beginning.
  • When your thread is ready, click on the button Tweet everything.

How to make effective threads

Difficult to give the formula to create effective threads on Twitter. What is true is that this tool is presented as an extremely useful possibility for those who seek to give depth and contextualize their arguments. Of course, each Twitter user will do it in their own way, according to the style they have in the social network.

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First, it is important to be clear about what the thread is going to be about and make it clear from the start. That is, it is useless to address more than one topic in the same series, since you could lose the attention of your followers.

Each of the tweets should “speak” for itself and, very importantly, be related to the previous one so that, as far as possible, your main idea is as clear as possible.

Don’t be afraid to edit or delete a tweet entirely if it breaks the continuity of your thread. Fortunately, Twitter offers all the tools to carry out these tasks in a simple way.

Check your spelling. It is true that in sociodigital networks there is some flexibility in this matter, however, in the opinion of those who write these lines, nothing is more effective than well-written ideas.

Before pressing the button Tweet everythingRead your thread, just to make sure everything is expressed as you had imagined.

As you can see, a thread can be on any topic. The important thing is that you know the scope that this tool offers you, in case a single tweet is not enough for you.

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