How to flirt without looking desperate, only a smart man will understand

And well, that moment comes where you feel ready to explore the world of love, where you feel ready to give your best and of course, enjoy the company of a couple. None of that will come without the initial interaction, so we will talk about how to flirt without looking desperate, only an intelligent man will understand.

Undoubtedly one of the great mistakes that several women make – and I tell myself because I once did – is showing too much interest, Strive for that person to notice us forgetting that we are fabulous and we should not force it so much, it should come naturally.

Yes, there are valid flirtations and others that will make you look so desperate that they will give that person the idea that for a little bit of their attention you will do anything and that’s when they try to take advantage of it in various ways. Flirting can be done in one way smart, moderate and effectiveThat’s why we created this little guide.

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Also, this flirting is not just about getting their attention, but also about showing your intelligence, your self-love and that if something happens, he will be a very fortunate person to enjoy your company, it must be appreciated from the beginning, don’t you think?

How to flirt intelligently without looking desperate

The key to a smart flirting It is simple, it consists of give you respect from the beginning. That is why excess makeup or too revealing clothing to get his attention will give the wrong message, try to be you and make it clear that you will not change for him, that your time is worth and that if you are interested you should also put your part.

The most important points in this work are:

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Eye contact

Yes, the look says more than a thousand words, that is why it is important that their eyes meet for a few seconds, that is the first signal to move to the physical approach, to introduce themselves and start a conversation.

Security in everything you do

Sure, a stranger approaching you is something different, but you must stay safe or you will make him feel that approaching you is doing you a favor. Stay calm, stay tuned and look him in the eye when I speak to you, if you feel valued you will probably reveal more of it.

How to flirt without looking desperate, only an intelligent man will understand. Pexels

Listen to it

It is very important that in the first meetings you not only talk about yourself, but that you ask, listen to him and remember what he tells you, well you will feel that it is worth being with you.

Don’t expect him to do everything but be moderate

No waiting a thousand days for a call or a message, you will not do everything yourself but forget about that “make yourself interesting”Because some men are shy and do not take the first step for fear of getting hurt. A message, a call, an invitation to go out is fine for you to gain confidence and be encouraged by what follows.

Make it part of your life, not the center of it

As they get to know each other, it is important that you do not change everything by being available when he wants, it is about combining their worlds, so you pay attention to your work, friends, family, it’s about offering him a place, not making him the center of your universe, that should always be you.

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