Start from scratch with your Galaxy Note10 by restoring its factory settings.

It is likely that you Galaxy Note10 or Note10 + no longer work like the first day. There are many causes that can lead your mobile to run slower, to make your battery last less or to appear problems of operations derived from software updates installed over time. And in most cases, the most effective solution is format the device to restore its factory settings.

With a few simple steps, you can format your Samsung Galaxy Note10 and leave it like new. These steps also apply to any other recent smartphone launched by the company, so it doesn’t matter which Samsung mobile you use.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 +, back

Is your Galaxy Note10 not going like the first day? So you can format it

Format your Samsung Galaxy Note10 step by step

The process for format any Samsung mobile, including the Galaxy Note10, is simple. Before doing so, however, you should make sure that a complete backup copy of the device’s data has been created, which you can restore once the process is finished so as not to lose important information.

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On the other hand, if your idea is to format the device to sell or give it away, you should also delete your Google account from the terminal, and deactivate any type of protection method –password, PIN, pattern, fingerprint… -, it is likely that the device will ask you to enter the previous account or the configured blocking method before being formatted, so that you do not delete the account or the method of protection that the device is blocked once the new owner of the terminal decides to start it the first time.

Before formatting your mobile, keep in mind that all the data stored on the device will be deleted, and you will not be able to recover it unless you have created a backup in the cloud or on another device.

With all of the above already explained, just follow these steps to format your Samsung Galaxy Note10, Note10 + or Note10 Lite:

  • Open the System Settings application and go to the General Administration section

  • Look for the “Reset” section

  • Once inside, tap on “Reset to factory settings” if you want to format the device. You will also see other options that allow you to reset specific settings

  • Tap on “Reset”, and enter your Samsung account password if necessary

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That’s it. Now, the mobile will restart and proceed to delete all the stored data, including applications, images, music and all the information that may be present in the terminal. Once the reset process is complete, the terminal will restart and you will have to carry out the initial setup as if it were a totally new mobile.

When you’re done, you can restore the backup you created earlier to recover all your data. Now, you can enjoy your “new” Samsung Galaxy Note10.

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