How to replace our cravings with healthy food

Lose weight It is one of the goals that we have several women throughout the year, and the ways to achieve the goal is through a balanced diet and exercise. However, along the way, we come across cravings turned into fast food, which in addition to providing harmful fats for our health, accumulates in our body but we burn it through physical activity.

Definitely, cravings are the greatest enemy of women when they are dieting. Especially for those women who are under a strict diet, supervised by a nutritionist. It is known for sure, that fruits and vegetables are the best option for our body.

But What happens when women have fast food cravings? Some women struggle not to fall into temptation, but to be honest, giving us a taste from time to time has nothing wrong, part of losing weight is enjoying the process and it is not necessary to suffer from hunger.

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So here we recommend a series of healthy foods that you can substitute for the appetite of a snack which is not entirely healthy. In addition to that you will begin to create healthy habits for a better lifestyle, both inside and outside your body and mind.

How to replace our cravings with healthy food

  • Rice toast

Substitute bread and crackers for rice toast. You can make delicious snacks with your favorite fruit and a spoon of peanut butter or jam. These toasts do not contain any calories and are very good when you feel like something like bread.

  • Baked toast

Substitute for healthier fries like baked toast with ricotta or guacamole.

  • Red berries and nuts

Cake craving or something sweet? substitute a slice of cake for dried or red fruits accompanied by walnuts. These foods are high in nutrients as well as calories, so eating a fist is only recommended.

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  • Infusions or teas

Avoid soft drinks at any time and replace them with tea infusions that are a much healthier version and free of sugars and sweeteners that harm your health with frequent consumption.

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