That good audio that you have received on WhatsApp can also notify you when you receive a notification, and we explain how.

The audios and voice memos received by WhatsApp can become the notification tone of your Android mobile and in this article we will explain how. In your terminal you can set any sound as a tone, and the audios you receive by the well-known messaging platform they cannot be less. If you have received a file that you love and you want it to be in charge of alerting you when you receive a notification, pay attention.

Before we start, we should mention that WhatsApp audios and voice memos are in “.opus” format, not as popular as others like “.mp3” or “.wav”. Even if you have to convert the WhatsApp audio format, the process to set it as notification tone continues to be simple and fast, and you can check it now.

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The audios you receive via WhatsApp can also work as notification tones

How to set an audio received by WhatsApp as a notification tone

As we said, any audio can serve as a notification tone on your Android. In this case, we want to convert that good audio that you have received on WhatsApp into the tone that alerts you that you have received a notification on the device. You can set it as notification tone of the mobile or WhatsApp in particular, only the final step changes.

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Step by step, we explain how put a WhatsApp audio as notification tone on your Android.

1st- Enter My Files> Internal Memory> WhatsApp> Media and click on the folder where the audio you want to set as notification tone is (WhatsApp Audio or WhatsApp Voice Notes). Rename the file to locate it more easily, in our case we have named it as “Audio notification”.

2nd- Enter Online Audio Converter and change the file format to “.mp3” so that the mobile recognizes it as a notification tone. Download the new audio to the phone.

3º- Move the downloaded file from the Downloads folder to the Notifications folder, which can be in both the internal and external memory of the terminal. This step is essential for audio to appear as a notification tone option on your mobile.

4º- Go to Settings> Sounds and vibration> Notification sounds and select audio from the list that you had received on WhatsApp, which you can easily recognize by name. Thus, you will have set as a notification tone the audio that you liked so much. Since WhatsApp> Settings> Notifications You can also configure the audio in question as the notification tone of the app.

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In summary, the process consists of locating the audio in My Files, changing the format in one of the websites dedicated to conversion, moving it to the Notifications folder and entering Sounds and vibration to select it as the new notification tone. As you have seen, setting it as a tone for messages, groups or WhatsApp calls also has some complications.

Since we are dealing with the topic of ringtones and notification, we remind you that it is also possible to cut a song and set it as a “ringtone”. Thanks to the high degree of customization of Android, you can choose any sound so that it is this that alerts you that you are being called, that you have just received a message or that an app has notified you of something.

This is just one of the many tricks that your Android hides, discover them all in our special Cheats section!

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