How to stop complaining about everything

How to stop complaining about everything. We attract what we think. The more you complain the more negativity comes into your life, let’s honestly review, How many times a day do you complain.

The alarm is probably your first complaint, after that the messages from the boss, followed by traffic and when you get to the office annoying colleagues who sometimes you would prefer not to say hello.

If we continue with the list throughout the day you complain about the messages not answered by your partner, about the extra kilos you have gained this year and you will probably complain even about the food that day.

It is that when one wakes up in bad there is no human power to stop the list of complaints, but why do we complain. Good is that Complaining frees me of responsibilities.

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When you complain you become a victim, of the traffic that you could well have avoided if you had heeded the alarm, a victim of your coworkers who do not do their job well and of an incompetent boss, who you do not even know why he earns more than you.

Becoming the victim only attracts more negative people into your life, complain less and be more grateful. Thank you for having a job in these difficult times, be grateful that you have food.

As you focus on the positive, a better job will come into your life because you will recognize your skills and dare to seek new opportunities. Stop worrying about that boss who only counts the days to retire, If today you start thanking instead of complaining, these minutes will have been worth reading me.

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