How to watch Game of Thrones online and legally

Any fan of Game of Thrones will be able to explain the immense void that the end of the successful HBO series in 2019 meant to him. Worse or not you have seen this successful HBO title, the good thing is that you can always see his eight seasons again. , where and when you want. Here we have compiled all the alternatives to see game of Thrones online and continue enjoying its captivating story.

At some point, HBO Go was the only official method for streaming game of Thrones in high definition, before the HBO Now announcement. And best of all, it’s still a great option if you have an HBO subscription with your cable provider. This service provides unlimited access to all original HBO programming, including past seasons of game of Thrones and behind-the-scenes shots with the cast, along with a wide variety of movies released on television and television specials currently on the premium channel.

To access HBO Go online through the accompanying app, you need to purchase a premium HBO package. Regularly an HBO subscription costs at least $ 15, with the exact rate fluctuating depending on your region and the number of promotions available.

HBO Go is free once you opt out of a subscription through participating TV providers, and can be accessed through the HBO Go website or a host of different platforms ranging from Apple to Android.

For your convenience, we list supported devices below, but it’s important to note that HBO Go availability is based on your service provider and may not be available for certain platforms within a specific area. However, each new episode of game of Thrones It will be available for viewing on HBO Go immediately after broadcast.

Apple iPad (2nd gen or later, iOS 8+) Roku (details here)
Apple iPhone 4s or later (iOS 8+) Playstation 4
Apple TV (4th gen: tvOS 9+, 2nd / 3rd gen: 7.1.2+) Xbox One
Apple iPod Touch (5th gen or higher, iOS 8+) Android phones (Android 4.1+)
Apple iPad Mini (1st gen or higher, iOS 8+) Android tablets (Android 4.1+)
Amazon Fire TV (1st gen or higher) Android TV (Android 5.0+)
Amazon Fire TV Stick (1st gen or higher) Amazon Fire tablets
Samsung Smart TVs (model selection) Chromecast (details here)
MacOS 10.6 or higher Windows Vista or higher
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HBO’s new streaming platform is taking over much of the title grid that HBO Now once had, and
HBO Go, the latter platform that will disappear as such in late July 2020.
If you do not have a cable subscription to HBO, from here we recommend you do not think about it too much and opt to contract the HBO Max service, which even offers a 7-day free trial.
We do not know if one week will be enough to see the 8 seasons of GOT, but it is well known that free always suits.

Watch it on Hulu

For just $ 8 a month (or $ 11 if you don’t want to see commercials), you get unrestricted access to dozens of TV shows on a multitude of channels, including series like Rick and Morty that are not available through any other transmission platform. Even though Netflix might have a larger catalog and more original programming, Hulu still has a ton of exclusive content that is normally reserved for those with a cable subscription.

Hulu has been expanding its offerings with a number of premium add-ons, such as the Live TV service. Plus, Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax are currently available, at just paying around $ 10 a month extra, in addition to your Hulu subscription.

But, without a doubt, the biggest draw is HBO. Just like with Sling, just by investing $ 15 more per month than the regular package, you can access the entire HBO library, including shows, movies and content behind the scenes.

Likewise, you will also have the possibility of accessing the HBO Now application, in case you use a device that is not compatible with one of the devices named below.

The online shopping giant has been successful with its video streaming service Amazon Video, a service available to Amazon Prime members, and with its line of streaming devices, such as the Fire TV Stick. On its own, Amazon Video is quite robust and has strong programming. New offers are added every month and the service hosts content from several different sources, giving subscribers many options to choose from.

If that’s not enough, the company’s Amazon Channels service also allows Prime members to subscribe to premium channels, like HBO, through Amazon.

If you decide to go this route, you will be able to log in to HBO with your Amazon credentials and view the full range of HBO content, through the Amazon Prime Video app on compatible devices (listed below).

A subscription to this service will cost you $ 15 a month in addition to your Amazon Prime membership, which costs $ 13 a month or $ 120 a year. You can see all of game of Thrones in 4K with select Fire TV and smart TV products as well as full access to HBO Now.

TiVo Roku
Apple iPhone (iOS 7+) Xbox 360
Apple iPad (iOS 7+) Xbox One
Apple iPod Touch (iOS 7+) Android phones (Android 4.0+)
Apple iPad Mini (iOS 7+) Android tablets
Amazon Fire TV (2015) Blu-ray players
Amazon Fire TV Stick (2015) Kindle Fire Tablets (1st gen or later)
Smart TVs (model selection) Select A / V receivers
Playstation 3 Playstation 4
MacOS 10.6 or later Windows Vista or later
Nintendo Wii Home theater systems
Nintendo Wii U Home theater systems

Watch it on Roku Channel

In its early days, the Roku Channel was a mere repository of free movies and TV shows for Roku hardware owners, but it has undergone several changes in recent months.

In early 2019, Roku made the Roku Channel app available on Android and iOS, meaning that you no longer need to have a Roku device in order to use it. A few months later, the company introduced premium subscriptions to the service, allowing you to enjoy the programming of Starz, Showtime, Epix and more for an additional charge.

But now, a few days after the last season of game of ThronesRoku Channel added HBO to its lineup, making it a store for all of your favorite premium channels. Getting HBO through the Roku channel costs $ 15 a month, which is the same amount you would pay for an HBO Now subscription, although it has the added convenience of having all of your premium network subscriptions in one place.

There is also a one-week free trial version, if you expect to see a single episode. Right now, the Roku channel is not supported on many devices, but if you use Roku hardware to handle your streaming needs, it’s another great alternative for those hoping to catch the action of game of Thrones. You can find Roku Channel in the following hardwares.

Roku Android phones and tablets (7.0+)
Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod (iOS 11.2.1+) Windows (Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers)
Samsung Smart TVs (see details) MacOS (Chrome, Firefox and Safari)

Watch it in the Apple TV app

Apple tv

The Apple TV app – other than an Apple TV and Apple TV Plus streaming service – began rolling out to customers as part of Apple’s iOS 12.3 update. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or a compatible Apple TV device, you can use the application to access all the channels of your cable provider or Internet TV service in one place, in addition to those offered by the application.

Naturally, Channels includes HBO, which you can subscribe to via the Apple TV app for $ 15. However, if you already have an HBO subscription, consider that the app will not allow you to use your current HBO Go or HBO Now membership. To see game of Thrones through the application, you will have to register (and pay) again.

Regardless, the app has a one-week free trial for HBO customers, enough for a marathon or to watch a few chapters. With the app, you can also download HBO shows and watch them offline, something even HBO apps themselves don’t allow.

* Article updated on June 29, 2020 by Daniel Matus.

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