Coronavirus, mercilessly against the technology industry

Feeling the enemy at your doorstep and avoiding any trace that may incriminate you in the future … In Hong Kong they are experiencing a situation similar to that of Minority Report before the agents of the pre crime and it is that the population is erasing in a massive way their histories of searches in Internet before the great censorship that comes. The new Security Law that will be imposed in the former British colony leaves a society unaccustomed to freedoms, and the sanctions are real, so the population has not waited to verify the consequences and have run to erase the traces.

As we can read in Vice, some testimonies show young people completely downloading their history on Facebook —up to 10 GB of data— and then completely deleting them without leaving a trace to the possibility of subsequent retroactive demands. Even a former police officer has published a guide on YouTube explaining how to download all content from Facebook and has hundreds of thousands of visits among desperate users.

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Coronavirus, mercilessly against the technology industry
May James / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images

The new law that will involve the application of an alleged iron hand of the Chinese state in the former colony, is known as the great Crackdown and although not all the details are yet known, a large firewall is expected to completely isolate the old one Suburb. This new situation will mean that the freedom of expression enjoyed by current citizens may be considered a crime after the application of the new law and is what has sparked panic.

All in all, it is expected that “the great wall” that is expected to be built around freedom of expression on the internet, will take time to rise and it is suspected that its implementation will be slow and gradual until it is too late for citizens be aware of the blockage.

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