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Your body needs support on the inside and the outside. That’s why we’ve developed Isotonix Bromelain Plus to help support your body, letting you take action to help your body face what life puts in front of you. Thanks to this special formula, Isotonix Bromelain Plus helps support your body’s ability to engage in “cellular house cleaning,” breaking down that protein layer often found on unhealthy cells in our body. With its combination of bromelain, a very powerful enzyme obtained from pineapples, and protease known to breakdown proteins, Isotonix Bromelain Plus promotes your body’s immune system and inflammatory response since it is an is an excellent digestive aid. Pineapple has been used for centuries in Central and South America to treat indigestion and reduce inflammation. While most enzymes are generally considered to be poorly absorbed, Bromelain is one of the most bioavailable of all.

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Promotes optimal cell health
Supports the body’s normal inflammatory response
Supports the body’s normal tissue and recovery repair process
Supports a healthy immune system


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