They build in Russia self-walking car

A group of Russian engineers have built “car legs” that are capable of lifting and making the vehicle walk without problems.

According to a video published on YouTube channels Garage 54 and Workroom Siberia, the car leg frames are iron based accompanied by a hydraulic system.

The entire structure is connected to the cardan of the vehicle, which by turning the wheels on the rear axle cause the parts to move, generating the effect of a car that manages to walk on its own.

According to the creators, their system wanted to imitate an insect when walking, so the movement generated follows that pattern. The car used for the test is an old Lada, a Russian automobile brand that was marketed in the 1980s.

However, the design is not yet the end and the creators themselves have claimed that it is quite ugly.

They build in Russia self-walking car

However, the engineers have focused on a first stage in making the car legs work correctly, both forward and backward.

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Regarding the structure, its construction is based on a series of tubes that go through the car and create a rigid and “safe” frame to hold the car in the air, while producing the walking effect.

In the video you can see how at some point the car managed to travel a few meters with the structure, but the Lada does not pass the test of time.

Engineers have emphasized that the mechanism is still undergoing testing and will continue to work on this “spider-car” hybrid to further improve its performance.

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