Itatí Cantoral publishes unpublished photo with the love of his life, and falls in love

Itatí Cantoral fully opened his heart, and publishes unpublished photo of the love of his life on social networks, and falls in love. The emotional photograph was accompanied by a beautiful message full of love, dedicated to whom he described as the best of his friends.

The most beautiful Itatí Cantoral She has been surrounded by men all her life, because in addition to her youngest daughter, she has two sons, and is the only woman of four brothers. However, this time, he bragged who the man in his life really is: his dad.

And, this Sunday, June 7, the famous singer Roberto Cantoral, father of the actress, would be 90 years old, so he could not let this special date go unnoticed, and dedicated a beautiful message to him, at the same time that he boasted a photo and a nice video dedicated to his memory.

“The best father !! The best friend, the one who lives forever in me, the only one, Roberto Cantoral !!! Happy mourning birthday. God embraces you dad ”, he expressed.

In an emotional video of a few seconds, Itatí Cantoral He shared beautiful photos next to his father, where even, in one of them, her ex-husband appears and father of her male children, Eduardo Santamarina.

“The sad” It is the song that is heard in the background, which was composed and performed by Roberto Cantoral, which was written precisely when he was on his way to the funeral of his mother.

“The best of friends my father! Happy 90s. Your tic tac always accompanies me ”, concluded Itatí Cantoral.

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