Jacky Bracamontes makes desserts with her daughters while showing off her luxurious kitchen

The host and actress Jacky Bracamontes She has proven to be a woman dedicated to her family and husband, so she tries to make these quarantine days one of the happiest when living with them full time and what better way to do it than cooking with her daughters.

One of the hobbies he has done most often, the driver Jacky Bracamontes is making cookies and other desserts with her daughters, while Share the results on your social networks. Being a cooking apprentice, from videos and photos, we can see that Jacky is a privileged woman who It has a luxurious kitchen.

After the bad news, having suspicions of contagion within his family, Jacky Bracamontes has managed to rule out all possibilities through virus tests, which came out negative. This event was narrated for a magazine, and it was there that he showed us the luxury cuisine that he has.

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One of the aspects that make your kitchen beautiful and luxurious, it’s spacious, with white marble accents and brown shelves that match the olive green of the laundry room. In addition to the great illumination of the natural light of the sun that enters through a large window.

Making a kitchen environment, totally homely and warm for the big family. Jacky Bracamontes She enjoys spending time with her little daughters, especially the oldest, Jacqueline, who is 7 years old and the second in the kitchen, demonstrating that she has a natural talent.

One of the comments he shared Jacky on his social networks is that one of the desserts that her daughters enjoy making are cookies. “Jacky (her oldest daughter) takes cooking classes, she is the one who helps me the most. Although when it comes to making cookies, everyone goes to the kitchen. ”

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