Jelly bean in tiny red piece moves the hips and sings without much pain

If there is something that Jelly bean She is not afraid, without a doubt, is to show herself unfiltered on social networks, the young woman has impacted her safety when uploading videos or photos. Like this time it looks wonderful with a tiny red piece, she moves her hips and sings without much pain.

As you read it, Gomita looks great, the truth is that she is working hard to modify her body, Since the quarantine began we have seen her more fitness than ever, doing heavy routines that leave her very tired, but then she boasts the results of her beautiful abs.

Jelly bean in tiny red piece moves hips and sings

Of course, the influencer has already made it clear that she has a hard time doing intense routines with weights, as well as her comadre Kimberly Flores, But for the dance, she paints herself, she just listens to a song she likes and finds the rhythm, she doesn’t make anything ugly.

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Meanwhile, she wore a red swimsuit that allowed her tiny waist to be appreciated, although she put on the black pareo that she combined perfectly, especially with her crop top blouse, this type of blouses has become her favorite and boy do they suit her well when it comes to moving the hips.

To the rhythm of Ozuna’s songs, Jelly bean, enchanted with several videos in which he is seen enjoying every moment of the quarantine next to his loved ones, in a huge pool; that thanks to the comments of his followers we know that he is in beautiful Acapulco.

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