Jennifer López suffers, her fiancé is on the verge of ruin

Jennifer López suffers, her fiancé is on the verge of ruin And the terrible news comes just weeks after she revealed that she is sad that she had to cancel her wedding due to the pandemic.

And is that Jennifer Lopez’s fiancé, Alex Rodríguez, famous athlete, businessman and now a commentator, has been threatened by his ex-brother-in-law with a millionaire lawsuit that could destroy the patrimony that for so many years he amassed.

After 22 seasons in the Major Leagues, Alex Rodriguez, it is estimated that he earned about $ 441 million, after his retirement, investments and new business, he currently has an estimated fortune of $ 350 million.

It was recently revealed that a Florida state judge accepted the lawsuit filed by a former brother-in-law of Jennifer Lopez, who assured that he was affected by the bad real estate deals they did together.

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Alex Rodríguez’s ex-brother-in-law, Jennifer Lopez’s fiancé ensures that the athlete took away profits that were due to him and if proven, JLo’s boyfriend You could lose up to five times the amount that your ex-brother invested.

Jennifer López ignores the situation and focuses on her own projects

While this has been a severe blow to Jennifer López and Alex Rodríguez so close to the cancellation of your wedding, Jennifer She has been busy promoting her new television program where she serves as a dance judge and supporting demonstrations to call for an end to acts of racism and discrimination in social networks and with donations.

Further, Jennifer Lopez He has taken advantage of this quarantine to work on new projects, both musical and business, as his clothing, footwear and accessories lines have been a real success. He also keeps in touch with his followers through social networks.

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