It is possible that many remember the teacher Garri Kasparov as that chess player who faced Deep Blue in 1997, that artificial intelligence that defeated him causing a worldwide commotion.

These days, the Baku-born in Azerbaijan and Croatian nationalized is an ambassador for the antivirus brand AVAST and in an interview quoted by the newspaper El País of the Collision technological event, he made several criticisms of new generations and their dependence on mobile.

“I am surprised and depressed to see people queuing for a new mobile phone that is almost identical to the previous one,” said the chess master uneasily.

Kasparov also reflected on the space race and the loss of ambition of the new generations:

“We didn’t go to the moon because we needed it, not because it was practical, but because the challenge propelled us and drove our technology to incredible peaks of innovation. So we had big dreams. We had a view in the stars. We do not have our eyes on the stars, but on the small screens in front of us, “he said.

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The chess player added about that, “it is very important that we recover that spirit of exploration. It is vitally important to our progress. There is a lot of useful energy, but if we tell them [a las nuevas generaciones] that the best they can do is create a new app for the iPhone 20, that’s all they will do. ”

Garri Kasparov also pointed out that “our attitude matters. If we are scared, we will not invest in ambitious technology. We will not be in a hurry to automate jobs that machines can do better and more safely, ”he continues. “We don’t have those things. And, now that we need them, we are trying to build them in a hurry. We wasted years worrying about killer robots and ethical artificial intelligence instead of investing in reaching for the stars. ”

Finally, the chess champion referred to the current surveillance through technology:

“New technologies always offer possibilities for surveillance, they allow the State and its institutions to spy on us; but at the same time they allow us to get more freedom. Ambition does not mean that we stop being cautious. There will always be those who try to overreach in a crisis, so we must be alert. Privacy and security are under pressure, so keeping an eye on security guards is essential. Each new initiative should explain exactly what it does, why and under what conditions it will stop, “he concluded.

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