Kylie Jenner is inspired by Ariana Grande, lights the nets with pink lingerie and brown hair

Businesswoman and Kim Kardashian’s younger sister; Kylie Jenner, has left all users on social networks with their mouths open by posing in a very daring way in a tight corset in pink and hair completely brown and wavy as Ariana Grande.

Kylie Jenner She has experimented with different makeovers, from wearing her natural hair with different cuts, to dyeing it in different shades of blonde to fantasy colors on her natural hair or to expensive wigs. But this time, the socialite has shown that they share a taste for the style of Ariana Grande.

The first to comment and praise her little sister was nothing less than Kim Kardashian: “Love this hair color,” while her sister Khloé Kardashian mentioned that brown is definitely her hair color of all the styles she has tried.

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As it was expected, Kylie’s Instagram post She reached more than 4 million likes and thousands and thousands of comments, filling her with praise, due to her great figure, beauty and natural sensuality. Being one of the favorite outfits of the followers of businesswoman Jenner.

On the other hand, it was not only the corset that stole all the sighs of the followers on social networks. But also, young Jenner lit everything in her path with a lingerie bra that left very little to the imagination.

And since we know that Kylie is a fan of pink, she did not hesitate for a moment to make her entire outfit in the same color. Shocking everyone by wearing a string bra and some bright details in a pastel pink tone. “You can guess my favorite color.”

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