#Lady Chancla: Woman threatens police with a flip flop

Lady Chancla a woman goes viral on social networks by threatening and assaulting a traffic officer by preventing him from passing due to a demonstration in CDMX. Users on social networks They turned the event into a trend when they saw the brutality with which the lady attacked the police.

The event that went viral on networks through a video, it happened at the Benito Juárez city hall, at the level of Avenida Cuauhtémoc and San Borja, where the woman now known as “Lady Chancla” he attacked the traffic safety element with a flip flop.

When she arrived at the scene, the woman got out of her vehicle to attack the traffic police in Mexico City, after the police had told him that he could not go through the area and ask him to leave.

In the video that went viral in a matter of hoursIt can be seen that the woman gives the traffic officer several blows and kicks, and even the woman took off her flip flop to threaten the police. For this reason, the woman is baptized as Lady Chancla.

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And unsurprisingly, the event set off a wave of memes and commentary regarding the event. It should be remembered that a couple of days ago, another woman with aggressive behaviors became popular on social networks as “Lady Pizza” by acting very aggressively within a food establishment.

There is no doubt that during the quarantine, this type of violent actions have turned into viral events, that despite the funny comments and memes, space has also been given to criticism regarding these behaviors that must be rooted out.

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