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Haraqi R39 bulbs for lava lampHaraqi R39 bulbs for lava lamp

R39 25W BulbsR39 25W Bulbs

R39 25W Bulbs for lava lampsR39 25W Bulbs for lava lamps

Item Dimension:

Watt:25 Watt




R39 25W BulbsR39 25W Bulbs


1.R39 shape can dissipate heat evenly and get hot enough to allow the lava to flow.

2.Used for:Lava Lamps,glitter lamps,cabinets,and other night light fixtures.

3. 25 watt R39 reflector bulbs,be sure to check whether a 25-watt is needed by your lamp

4. High reliability,long life-span.

5.packaged very well,comes safely wrapped to avoid damage in transit.

6.The reflector bulb is not only does the lava lamp work steadily,and it won’t get too hot when it light up.

7.Flat on top to allow the lava bottle to fit so the heat is distributed differently than a round bulb,this will make the lava lamp more active.

2.25 Watt incandescent reflector lamp heat evenly to lava lamp and make it flowing
3.Works great for standard small lava lamps
4.High reliability,long life-span,packaged very well to avoid the damage in the course of shipment
5.What you get:4 pack reflector light bulbs,which get “hot” enough to melt/soften the “lava” material of the lamp

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