The first phones with cameras under the screen will arrive soon, although the companies ask that we do not expect too much from them.

When it comes to taking advantage of the front of the screens, brands have experimented with various methods. It all started with the controversial notch although we have also had holes in the screen, cameras under the screen and pop up cameras, which except for opening beers, few useful uses have. Although each of us will have our favorite, the truth is that the cameras under the screen are positioned as the most attractive way for this purpose.

Now, we should not get excited with the cameras under the screen. Such technology is not yet settled or close to being optimized, so we should not be too excited or we will be disappointed. We are not saying it but the vice president of OPPO.

The cameras under the screen will be the best solution but beware of the hype

OPPO and cameras under the screen

OPPO VP calls for caution with cameras below screen

OPPO, one of the fastest growing mobile phone brands today, pioneered under-screen cameras. As you already know this technology will allow to hide the smartphone’s front camera under the screen, allowing to take advantage of the entire front of the mobile and therefore, achieving larger screens.

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But that the hype or the emotion does not make us lose the north. Brian Shen, the VP of OPPO has acknowledged on the Chinese social network of Weibo that the first phones with this technology will arrive on the market soon although this it will not be perfect so it can disappoint more than one. For all this, ask for caution and patience, since only with the passage of time will perfection be reached. The text translated into English above is courtesy of our fellow Android Authority.

In summary. Surely sometime in 2020 we will see the first phones with cameras below the screen, although manufacturers are asking for calm. That is, the first versions that come to us may not be perfect or come with some flaws, so if any of you wanted to buy a phone like this, maybe it will be better to wait a little longer.

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