Leticia Calderón: The gift that her children sent Juan Collado to prison for Father's Day

Despite the fact that her ex-husband has not been the best father in the world, according to Leticia CalderónHis children have been educated and motivated to respect him and give him his place as the man who gave them life. So Lety unveiled the gift that his children sent Juan Collado to prison for Father’s Day.

Definitely, Leticia Calderón has proven to be a great mother, not only for taking care of her children by herself, and educating them like all gentlemen, but also for being aware that her relationship with her ex, Juan Collado, and his role as father of his children, are point and apart, which is why he has fostered that unbreakable bond.

Proof of this is the detail that his children sent their father to jail, where he has been held for almost a year accused of money laundering and fraud. The beautiful actress published on social networks that, although the attention of your children has never been reciprocal, she continues to motivate respect and love for her dad.

“I have always thought that love is demonstrated in small details, even if you are not reciprocated in the same way,” Leticia Calderón began the message.


And is that, the separation between Juan Collado and Leticia Calderón It was for other controversy, since, according to the blue-eyed actress, her ex-husband he was unfaithful with Yadhira Carrillo, with whom he is currently married.

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In fact, it was Yadhira herself that last weekend, before the Father’s day, declared that this holiday this year would be very sad, since the lawyer would not be able to see his children, much less now that the whole world is going through a health contingency.

However, Leticia Calderón He showed his great heart by not letting this day go unnoticed by the father of his children, because, despite the circumstances, he is and will always be his father, and it is the only thing that counts for Carlo and Luciano.

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