These wireless headphones from LG are not bad looking. Good sound, noise cancellation and disinfect themselves when inserted into the charging base. Interesting!

Different brands have seen wireless headphones as a good gold mine to take advantage of. Even the coronavirus, a health crisis of a caliber not seen before, has not stopped the market from growing and growing non-stop. Bluetooth headsets are becoming increasingly popular And it is rare to see someone who does not have one of these accessories.

From expensive headphones like Apple’s AirPods to some much cheaper ones like realme Buds Air Neo, whose analysis can be seen below and whose price is only 39.99 euros, there are headphones for every type of user. However, there was still someone to come to the party as we read in GizmoChina. LG joins the rest of the firms and presents us with headphones that are not only very similar to those of Apple, but they also have an extra extra perfect for the times.

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These are the LG headphones that disinfect themselves

Disinfecting LG Wireless Headphones

LG will launch wireless headphones that in addition to having noise cancellation, they will disinfect themselves when putting them in the charging base

The coronavirus, in addition to being lethal, has caused us to take something very seriously for the first time in history, washing our hands and disinfecting objects continuously. Disinfecting our mobile device has become essential, although we must be very careful when doing it, we do not want to break our precious device.

This is why these headphones look so interesting. Not just because they look a lot like AirPods – almost all the firms look at Apple – but because they have a small case that in addition to charging the headphones, they disinfect them, something that can come to us phenomenal in the days of COVID-19. In addition to this interesting feature, these LG headphones promise great audio quality, noise cancellation, water resistance, easy access to Google Assistant and Siri, as well as six hours of battery life and up to 18 hours of additional resistance from the cover.

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Regarding the price LG has not said anything although it has confirmed that in addition to reaching Europe, we will know much more about them next month.

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