Love letter to myself: Sorry for not loving you enough

If there is something that helps me reflect it is writing letters to life, but today I do to the most important person, the one that has always been with me, the one that has surprised me every day and also, the one that I have been afraid to really know. This time I write a love letter to myself: sorry for not loving you enough.

It is said easily, I would love to tell you that you are a great woman, that you are never wrong, that you are always right, that your strength inspires me and although it is so, I also acknowledge that I have been responsible for many of your bitter drinks.

I remember the time I hurt you accepting the company of someone who did not know how to value you, that I was impressed by flirty eyes and for pleasure, that I sought in that love the way to fill those gaps in our hearts because I was afraid of your darkness and today I understand that it is part of you, that it was necessary to accept things to advance.

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I know another of my dark moments was how to take care of your bodyFor the times I complained about your height, your weight, not taking care of you as I should, not eating, not exercising, not sleeping, because that body is a wonder and is even capable of giving life, could God have given us a miracle bigger than that?

I apologize for not loving you enough Because by forced marches I learned that sometimes we have been the only thing we have in life, that there are times when no one has helped us and still we have succeeded. The only way to do it was to accept ourselves and also embrace us, with the good and the bad, because that way we are perfect.

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Today changes, today I accept you, I celebrate you, I thank you and I promise to always take care of you with all my heart

In this letter I want to give you a promise to take care of you with all my heart, to give you the best of my efforts, to empower your voice beyond what people say or expect, of believing in you and everything you can achieve.

Love letter to myself: Sorry for not loving you enough. Pexels

Today I promise to make you happy, not to let anyone trample your dignity, to look beautiful at all times, regardless of what the scale says, if you are just up or with makeup on, I promise to stop comparing you to others to find fault with you.

I also promise to leave the past behind because the present needs us so that the future is bright, I promise not to change your self love for pleasing a partner, I promise to always put yourself first and stay away from everything that hurts so you can fly higher than you ever dreamed of.

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