Lucero makes Érika Buenfil tremble, and announces that she will open a TikTok account

The fans of bright Star They are the happiest, because, after tirelessly asking her to join the social network of the moment, she makes Érika Buenfil tremble and announces that she will open a TikTok account. Now, we will see the beautiful singer from another fun facet.

And is that, bright Star resisted falling into the temptation to open an account TikTok, because he claimed that he did not have much to do there, however, the insistence of his fans, and the commitment of a very special person for her, which would guide her to play a good role in the new platform, they totally convinced her.

This was confessed in his most recent publication on Instagram, where the Bride of Mexico is seen talking, no more, no less than with her daughter Lucerito, to whom she says that she has no idea what she can do on TikTok, other than going out dancing challenges, like everyone else.

“I mean, but if I open a TikTok account, what am I going to do? I am going to learn all the dances, and so on? No. In other words, do you help me? ”Lucero questioned her daughter, who clarified that she doesn’t have to upload videos just dancing, and promising to help him.

“Go!” Lucero agreed.

Of course, this news greatly moved his followers, who have long expected to see his favorite artist on yet another platform, seeing it from another facet, well, during this quarantine they have been delighted with bright Star, who constantly shares with them anecdotes of his life, which no one knew. In addition to being in direct contact answering messages and making Lives on social media.

Without a doubt, the incursion of bright Star in TikTok, It will be a total success, so surely the queen of this social network, Érika Buenfil, will have competition. It will be a real delight to see you both in this.

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