Make no mistake, I can and will be better for dignity, not for you

Make no mistake, I can and will be better for dignity, not for you. Time will prove me right, vsomething very much for me, not for your company, not for what you have given me And I know that I am perfectly capable of finding my place in the world far from your shadow.

For a time I considered you my prince charming, but Today I understand that in me you found a perfect victim, a woman who gave you much more than you deserved for trying to supply what you never wanted to give. You filled your mouth saying that what I am today is because of you, but nothing could be further from reality.

I admit it, At some point it was easy to give you control, I felt that life had not been the best for me and that maybe you could decide something better for both of us, but the only thing that happened was that You used me to control everything that was outside of you and had hurt you.

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You found no love in me You found useless comfort because you couldn’t heal like that, the answer was in you the whole time and you never wanted to assume it, that’s why, Today that I am leaving, you disguise your fear of being alone of an empty pride and you assure that I will return because you do need me, but understand, I am doing you a favor, now you will find yourself.

I don’t know about you, but I got tired of being the victim, I got tired of being the woman that everything happened to, the one that found its value in your flattery, in your opinions and your decisions. Today I change, today I choose myself and I do not do it to demonstrate how wrong you were, but for me, for my peace, for my well-being, for my self-love.

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I have nothing to prove to anyone, I trust that life always accommodates everything

I am excited by the uncertainty of the path, but I know that I have the freedom to choose each step for myself, not thinking about what pleases you or makes you happy, thinking about the possibilities that await me for having decided to take charge of my life.

Make no mistake, I can and will be better for dignity, not for you. Pexels

It took me time, but I understood that my dignity is priceless, that my self-esteem does not depend on making you happyMy job was never to please you but to please me and nothing else.

I don’t need to tell people that you are the worst even when you will say a lot about me, That attitude speaks of what is in your heart and not in mine. What I do is not to show you something, but simply to be happy, to know me, to value me and above all to respect me.

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