María León dazzles in Beyoncé-style ensemble

María León dazzles in Beyoncé-style ensemble, confirming that she is one of the most talented women in Mexico and that at all times, her passion for dancing, singing and acting have allowed her to shine.

Although, this pandemic marked a forced pause to his participation in the musical work “Chicago”, where Mary lion shared the lead with Biby Gaytan, few weeks were necessary for both to demonstrate their great strength and talent on stage.

Recently Biby Gaytán and María León They were recognized by the Association of Theater Journalists as “Best Actress in Musical Comedy”, but this is just a sample of the wonders that María León has achieved in her already extensive career.

Although many of us knew her as the voice of the group “Playa Limbo”, Mary lion He had already worked to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry and now resuming his solo stage, he has managed to shine in various projects where he combines several of his passions.

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María León dazzles in Beyoncé style

This week, Mary lion surprised his followers of Instagram with a memory image in black and white, where she wore a black swimsuit with transparencies, very much in the style of Beyonce in his famous music video Single Ladies.

In a matter of seconds, the publication of Mary lion in social networks her talents, beauty, and impeccable figure were complimented, where dance has played a crucial role in maintaining her profile.

For now, Mary lion He prepares several surprises for his followers and not even the pandemic has been able to stop her, because at home he has not stopped training and constantly shares his skills with his followers, there is plenty of talent.

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