Maribel Guardia exercising in purple lycra mini shorts and top, starts sighs

The most beautiful Maribel Guardia He has earned every flattery and every like, because, his s 61 has surprised with his perfect figure, and his marked abdomen. That is why the beautiful actress working out in purple lycra mini shorts and top, starts sighing.

It was through his Instagram account that Maribel Guardia He gave a chair in discipline and showed that there are no impossibles, because, despite being over 60 years old, she looks like a young woman of up to 30 years old.

The pretty actress and singer she wore a tiny and very flirty sports outfit Composed with a purple lycra shorts, and a top of the same tone, which stood out from his skin. However, what attracted the most attention was the markedness of the abdomen and its shapely legs.

Maribel Guardia She has the great advantage of having a gym in her own house, which has helped her to stay in shape during the confinement that she lives, like many others, due to the health contingency.

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And of course, her husband Marco Chacón could not be left behind, so you also have the habit of exercising and staying active and healthy, as has been shown on your social network.

However, we can all physically activate in one way or another, without having to leave the house, and even without any type of equipment to do so, by carrying out simple, but very effective exercises, and even by using heavy objects at home, which help us to strengthen our muscles.

It is just a matter of wanting to do it and set a goal, and you will see that you will look and feel much better, in addition to spending your time on something healthy and very productive, just like Maribel Guardia.

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