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metal detectormetal detector

Whether you are a history lover, coin collector or enthusiast for more discoveries, MARNUR Metal Detector for Adults and Kids helps create a closer tie between you and the underground treasures. Do not get over-excited when you hear the beep, for there will be more excitement when the metal relics are dug up. Enjoy yourself in the treasure exploration.

Metal DetectorMetal Detector

Why choose MARNUR Metal Detector Kit?

Sensible Search CoilSensible Search Coil

Large & Clear DisplayLarge & Clear Display

Adjustable HeightAdjustable Height

Humanized DesignHumanized Design

Sensible Search Coil

MARNUR metal detector is equipped with a waterproof search coil. It is sensible and can give you an easier and accurate hunting. Thanks to its advanced locating technology, you can find treasures quicker and more precise.

Large & Clear Display

LCD screen clearly displays reading clearly, making data adjustment rather easy and convenient even in the dark without hassle of poor viewing effect, great for accurate metal exploration.

Adjustable Height

The Metal hunter allows length adjustment to offer better positioning for both teenagers and adults; adjustable stem extending from 24“ to 33”. Enjoy detecting journey with your kids with MARNUR metal detector!

Humanized Design

The ergonomic padded armrest and adjustable arm strap work together for comfortable grip, making long-time treasure hunting less laborious. A magic tape closure is highly adjustable for different hands.

Treasure Hunting EverywhereTreasure Hunting Everywhere

Find Your TreasureFind Your Treasure

User TipsUser Tips

Treasure Hunting Everywhere

This versatile metal detector is ideal to explore the lost treasures buried anywhere – deserts, beaches, forests, lawns, castles and more, suitable for both beginners and experienced metal detectorist.

Find Your Treasure

There are so many things waiting us to discover in this nature. MARNUR Metal Detector kits offers terrific treasure detection covering Iron, NI, TAB, Zn, Cu, Ag and so on. May you be the next lucky discoverer!

User Tips

Do not use metal detectors at extreme temperaturesUse a protective cover to keep away dirt and dustClean with a soft cloth or spongeDo not use cleaners or abrasives for cleaningStore in a dry and ventilated environmentIf not in use for a long time, remove the battery

Metal Detector Accessories

Shovel & HoeShovel & Hoe

Dig & PickDig & Pick

Saw & HackSaw & Hack


Shovel & Hoe

When finding a your coins, this shovel and hoe help you remove the soil quickly especially the hard soil, no more embarrassed hand work!

Dig & Pick

When faced with hard surfaces, this metal detecting tool will perform as well as a pick to break up gravel, ice and dried earth, making digging deep much easier.

Saw & Hack

Specially designed with a saw edge to cut roots or branches, it’s ideal for wildlife enthusiasts and treasure hunter. It also helps a lot in the absence of a bottle opener.


A compass on the handle end reduces chance of getting lost in an outdoor adventure for treasure hunting; the foldable design makes it very portable and easy to store.

metal detectormetal detector

metal detectormetal detector

metal detectormetal detector

metal detectormetal detector



Ancient city


🌏【Ultra-diameter waterproof search coil】The larger the search coil diameter, the stronger the search ability. The Marnur Metal Detector features a 9.84-inch large diameter search coil that increases the chances and accuracy of finding a target. The search coil of the metal detector kit is waterproof, so that you will not miss the treasure in the shallow water or be interrupted by the rainy day. But please note that the LCD control box is not waterproof.
🌏【7 Adjustable Sensitivity Levels】 The underwater metal detector is equipped with advanced sensors and 7 adjustable sensitivity levels to eliminate unwanted targets for accurate positioning and deepest detection of underground 8′ metal. Suitable for beaches, farmland and ruins.
🌏【LCD Control Box】 The metal detector’s LCD display will clearly show the detection mode, sensitivity level, battery status and volume. In addition to displaying the target, the detected object will be clearly displayed. The LCD control box makes detection easier and more accurate. The metal detector uses 2 9V batteries and comes bundled with the package.
🌏【Complete Metal Detector Accessories】 Light-weight and compatible. MARNUR metal detector is a perfect addition for travel, vacation, camping or hiking. A folding shovel is included with the package, along with two 9V batteries, a carried bag, and a dust-free cover

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