Mexicans will not be able to travel to Europe for a long time because they do not stay at home

Mexicans will not be able to travel to Europe for a long time because they do not stay at home. If you had plans or were a little excited about traveling to the old continent, we have bad news, since before the lack of awareness of Mexicans regarding the coronavirus issueIt seems that you will not be able to enter, even if you already have the tickets.

Because in the European countries The Covid-19 virus came before our country and they have followed the measures to avoid contagions by carrying out a strict quarantine, and also because all together they could fit in our country, the measures have been relaxed and they have begun to open their borders.

However, since no one wants this hateful virus to return or to stay, the European Union has created a list of countries that can have access so that little by little the economy and tourism are reactivated; Furthermore, these measures have been taken to prevent new outbreaks and different factors were taken into account for this list.

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The countries that can enter Europe are countries where there has been an immediate response to the pandemic by the government, as well as the response of its inhabitants, so, unfortunately for countries that do not follow prevention measures or measures, access will be banned until further notice.

The countries that can enter this continent are Algeria, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Morocco, Montenegro, New Zealand, Rwanda, Thailand, Uruguay, Tunisia and Serbia, in addition to the European countries themselves and were chosen due to the number of reported cases and, as we mentioned before, the response of the government and citizens.

And is that in our country many states continue at red lights and even some of the states that have changed to orange have turned back to red, because its inhabitants relax prevention measures and new infections occur. However, this list will be changed every 15 days, and we hope that, beyond traveling to Europe, we can again leave home.

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Source: El Universal

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