Mhoni Seer: what will bring about the conjunction of Uranus, Neptune and Saturn in the world

The whole month of June has been marked by quite controversial events, where some of the predictions of Mhoni Seer, starting with the earthquakes that have occurred in Mexico and the United States. Now, in a new video, Mhoni Seer discloses which will cause the conjunction of Uranus, Neptune and Saturn in the world.

And, on this day, the conjunction of these planets will take place, which, although Mhoni Vidente clarified that they did not mean the end of the world, yes they would bring negative events to the world.

“It is the month of hatred, of courage, of Luzbel, it is number six, it is almost perfect, that’s why the previous days, demonstrations, people running on the streets, a lot of hate, lawsuits still very strong,” he said.

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And, as previously predicted, this month events of this type would occur in all parts of the world, due to the solar eclipse, which occurred on June 21, which meant that that date would be key for humanity.

“It is not the end of the world, but it is a key day that it will take completely 13 months to start again, to reactivate completely the pure feelings of the human being that are love, kindness, joy and above all happiness, and above all more than anything, faith ”, he explained.

What’s next

However, Mhoni Vidente warned that these days the beginning of a war is visualized, driven by a woman, who contemplates countries in Asia, Africa and Europe, because, she assures, hatred will reign, and negative energies will dominate the human being.

In this battle, he assured that the alarms will be activated, because very dangerous weapons will be used, such as missiles, atomic bombs, etc.. Although he stressed that this will not mean the end of the world, but the beginning of a new era, which will prevail in the next 100 years.

“Something worse than the end of the world is that the human being is becoming prey to the same human being and this letter of judgment says that it is time to raise prayers to God, to the Virgin Mary, to have mercy, to ask for Sorry because very strong things are coming, “he emphasized.

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