Microsoft Teams brings new features and mobile preview

Microsoft Teams has integrated new tools for users focused on improving the video call service that has seen an increase in its use during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the company, with the new functions added to Teams, it is expected to extend the power of the program beyond all daily and work contexts.

The focus of the tools is to empower everyone’s life through the program, whether they are “busy mothers or fathers who manage the daily routine of the family, so that they can stay connected and linked with those who matter most.”

Microsoft Teams brings new features and mobile preview

Microsoft continues to emphasize that “the new features are designed to alleviate the need for disparate tools and instead we offer an operations center for individuals, groups and families to collaborate and stay connected and organized.”

To start enjoying the enhancements, the company notes that the new features will be available in Preview in two possible ways.

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People who currently use the program in the mobile application, just click on settings and select add account, at that time people can log in with their personal account or create a new one with just their phone number.

The company has also added other improvements that users can use in the preview, among which the following stand out:

  • People can stay connected to others with video calls as well as chats, since groups can be created to chat and call and thus stay connected with everyone.
  • From now on, the GPS location of the mobile can be easily shared, so that you can inform your loved ones if you are late for your home or work.
  • People will have a “safe” with which they can securely store and share important data such as passwords, reward numbers, and login details.
  • The previews will be available through mobile devices in the first instance and in the coming weeks they will be extended to other versions of the platform.
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