The battle between the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 promises to be exciting and that is that Microsoft intends to attack Sony where it can hurt the most, in the pocket of the players.

The current generation of consoles is about to die and will soon be replaced by the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Both consoles promise us a real revolution with respect to their predecessors, which translates into better graphics, better load times and over all better performance. Of course, this carries a higher initial price, although practically all of us took it for granted..

Both the Sony and Microsoft consoles will ultimately be very even. [Algún que otro desarrollador afirma que Xbox será algo más potente que la consola de Sony](]although surely users will choose one or the other depending on their exclusives. However, the Redmond company has an ace up my sleeve. One last cartridge to ensure that your sales will be higher than Sony’s and that is that Microsoft wants its new console to be cheaper than the PlayStation 5.

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Microsoft wants to win the war over Sony on price

Playstation 5

Sony’s new console will be available in two models and will come with great titles

Although Microsoft has always created more powerful consoles than Sony, the truth is that the PlayStation brand has always been at the forefront thanks to its impressive catalog of exclusive video games. With the PlayStation 5 the thing seems that it is not going to change and is that all the titles that Sony presented a couple of weeks ago look great.

So Microsoft is going to try an aggressive strategy. Neither more nor less than launching the Xbox Series X at a lower price than its main rival. Because as BGR reports, rumors say that the Redmond company has an inexpensive console in the oven called Xbox Series S and that it would only cost $ 200.

This console will be less than the X Series but equally perfect for all those users who want to play the new generation titles but do not care about the graphics at 4K or 60 fps. In addition to all this, we should add certain offers that Microsoft could offer, such as the possibility of acquiring a new Xbox with the Xbox All Access service, which would be a package with a console plus Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.

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Of course this strategy will cause Sony to move tab. For many it is possible that their games are better but the truth is that Microsoft has ahead of Sony in terms of services. PS Now has more and more followers, but it is still a somewhat lower platform than the competitionAlthough we do not doubt that it will improve over time.

The battle between Xbox and PlayStation promises to be exciting And those of us who love video games over rivalries and pointless piques can only be excited before the next generation.

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