MotorTech presents: Hyundai Venue, an agile urban compact

This week at MotorTech we present you the Hyundai Venue; the brand’s smallest car, a youthful and affordable vehicle.

Its compact and manageable body makes it an agile and practical means of transport to travel through any urban environment. When we drive it something catches our attention: despite not being a luxurious car, there is a high level of interior soundproofing that leaves noise outside. That, coupled with a high-quality, smooth suspension, makes the experience of traveling around the city pleasant and stress-free.

The interior is comfortable and modern. Although simple, everything you need is present, including an 8-inch touch multimedia screen from where the driver has access to GPS, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, the reversing camera and more.

The driving modes offered by the Hyundai Venue SEL include Normal, Sport and – despite being a front-wheel drive vehicle – Snow. Some of its driver assistance systems include Lane Departure Warning and Rear Cross Traffic Alert.

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Boasting a fuel-efficient 1.6-cylinder 4-cylinder engine at the same time, the Venue reaches 121 hp with an average consumption of 32 miles (51.5 kilometers) per gallon of fuel. The version you see in the video is equipped with an 8-speed IVT (intelligent variable transmission) box, although there is also the option of acquiring the most basic version with a 6-speed manual box.

Trunk space might seem limited, but it’s cleverly configured to accommodate all the commuting needs and is complemented by folding rear seats and a convenient roof rack for when a little bit of hauling is needed. plus. Undoubtedly, the space is very well used in this vehicle.

An interesting detail about this car is that it has currently found a niche in the Hispanic market, especially among women. In the United States, you can find the most basic version of the Hyundai Venue for $ 17,000; the version you see in the video, equipped with many optional elements, reaches a price of $ 23,200 dollars. For its quality and its good price it is a car that is definitely worth considering.

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