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Imagine giving invisible and nourishing boot for your cute pooch! Yes, with Pawsitive Fx Paw Wax Protection

Top Major Reasons To Use this 100% Natural Paw Protection Wax

PAWSITIVE Fx paw wax is your pet’s protection against the elements. Ideal for protecting your dog’s pads in all terrains; whether the terrain is hot, cold, rocky or salty, this all-natural, wax-based formula will keep their feet strong as they explore in the grass, snow, forest, street, and even your living room.

PAWSITIVE Fx secret is a dense, barrier dog paw wax that forms a breathable bond with your dog’s paws. Developed in Canada, this unique paw wax for dogs provides tenacious protection even in the most extreme conditions and temperatures.

Go jogging, biking, mountain climbing, beach combing, cross-country skiing, mushing, or just plain walking with your best pal. Pawsitive Fx paw wax puts a barrier between dog paws and off-road or street hazards, so the trip will be worry free.

Protect your dog from:

Hot Pavement (Please use your best judgement on when to take your dog out on pavement during summer months. We recommend only going during cooler parts of the day and using Pawsitive’s Secret wax to help condition the pads – letting them acclimate & toughen to the terrain slowly over time)
Rough terrain
Salt and chemicals
Ice build-up
Hot Sand and sandburn

A Dog Paw Pad Wax That is Safe and Made with Natural Ingredients:

Made from a blend of essential oil, organic waxes, then refined according to special formulations, PAWSITIVE Fx’s Secret dog paw wax is the safe, non-toxic way to protect your dog’s paws. The semi-permeable shield is absorbed into the paws, allowing perspiration to escape through the toes. Additionally, PAWSITIVE Fx’s Secret wax can speed the healing process on existing sores by keeping dirt and debris out of a wound.

This product works wonders on its own, but is also extremely effective when used with our other Paw Recovery Balm (Happy Paws), a balm used for healing dry and cracked paws as well as for the maintenance of paw-health.

What Makes PAWSITIVE Fx protective wax so different from other products?

Our perfect pocket size 2oz tins are easy to store in a drawer or take with you wherever you and your pooch go.

The Strong Paws™ blend is a nourishing protective wax made with the following ingredients:

Carnauba Wax Candelilla wax Beeswax Natural virgin coconut oil Sunflower oil Lavender essential oil


How to use the Paw Protection Wax properly?


Use as much as and as often as you want  Best if used within 18 months from opening  Can be used directly on broken skin  Do not use on cats or other pets  Keep freshly applied areas away from light coloured fabrics or carpets to prevent staining


These All-Natural Dog Balm Are Made in Canada – Sold by Vita Activate

✔ 100% NATURAL and MADE IN CANADA – UNIQUE healing blend of waxes and oils AVAILABLE ONLY at PAWSITIVE Fx Dog Balm. Made by Biotech company and scientifically proven to work!
✔ DOGS LOVE TO LICK THEIR PAWS, SO KEEP THEM STRONG by using PAWSITIVE strong paws. This all-natural, wax-based formula will keep their feet strong as they explore in the grass, snow, forest, street, and even your living room.
✔ GIVE YOUR DOG a NOURISHING BOOT – this paw wax is ideal for protecting your dog’s pads in all terrains. Prevent your dog having dry, chapped, rough paws, peeling & cracked paws, extreme weather conditions, dading scars, or dry elbow. TRY PAWSITIVE Strong Paws NOW before it’s too late!
✔ 100% Made in Canada – 100% Natural – 100% Cruelty FREE. Scientifically Proven To Work. Don’t let your dog get injured, because pet’s doctors are high. Your dog will thank you this protective wax ——— TRY PAWSITIVE Fx PAW BALM TODAY BEFORE IT’S SOLD OUT!

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