Frame of the Merlí series

The renowned video firm in streaming makes an important commitment to content in Spanish, with productions in different genres and for all tastes. Proof of this is the list that we present below, with some of the best series and movies in Spanish on Netflix.

This is not a definitive list: we will be adding more content in the immediate future. In the transition to the “new normal”, it is worth giving play to these productions. Surely you find some to get hooked!

After rising as the absolute winner of the renowned Morelia International Film Festival (Mexico), I’m not here anymore It arrived in late May 2020 on Netflix to have a more global reach. In the story directed by Fernando Frías de la Parra, Ulises, 17, is involved in a misunderstanding with a criminal gang, so he must leave Monterrey and travel to New York, where he does not exactly have a favorable start, but he will try to make new bonds of friendship. The cast of the film is made up of young people who are not actors by profession.

Sofía, played by the Mexican actress Ana Valeria Becerril, is not like the bulk of her schoolmates; she is distant, but she has the quality of being very observant, she looks at what each of the details “says” around her to get to know the others. It is precisely this quality that he will use to discover the hacker who has exposed the secrets of the students in front of the whole school.

Frame of the Merlí series

Who enjoyed the movie Dead poets society (Peter Weir), you will find in Merlí a series that will keep you entertained for a long time, as it tells the story of a philosophy teacher who encourages his students to think in a “different” way, which can lead to certain problems with young people, teachers and parents . Of course, there is no denying that it is a source of inspiration, even for your gay son.

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Released in March 2020 on Netflix, this movie is causing users to want to know more about everything that is represented in production. And it is that his story already attracts attention: Goreng, of his own free will, enters a kind of retreat in a very strange place; month after month, experience how the challenges that are implemented are increasingly extreme, to the point of becoming a fight for survival and ending the dignity of the participants. This is Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia’s first film.

Alfonso Cuarón’s successful film is an intimate story of a Mexico City of the early 70s, where Cleo, a domestic worker from Oaxaca who lives in the home of her employers and who witnesses the multiple situations by the ones that the family goes through. She also gives a glimpse of a living city, somewhat revolted by social movements. With a black and white photograph, Rome It is a movie worth watching more than once, because it will always have something different to offer viewers.

This is the first original Netflix series in Spain and has had a good reception since its premiere (2017), so much so that 2020 is presenting its fifth season. Set in the 20s of the last century, it follows the story of four women who seek to develop professionally as telephone operators, despite the prevailing machismo of the time and that they feel tied to their family and their partners. Without neglecting the occasional political reference, the public will find loves that seem impossible in this production.

The Spanish production premiered its third season. After three young people receive a scholarship to study at Las Encinas, one of the most prestigious schools in Spain, wealthy students will ensure that newcomers do not have a pleasant stay; and to make things more complicated, the murder of one of the most applied girls in the institution occurs. What is evident in this story is that appearances are often misleading. Among the cast, the participation of María Pedraza stands out (The paper house), Itzan Escamilla, Miguel Herrán, Álvaro Rico, Ester Expósito and Danna Paola.

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According to the story of this Mexican series, you can discover a lot on a trip between friends. In reality, it seemed like a simple drive by three young people to Oaxaca, in central Mexico, however, things get complicated when Marcela (Coty Camacho) “joins”. In the development of this youth drama, more is known about the characters and more complex issues related to women are discussed. The rest of the cast of Rampant It is made up of Tessa Ía, Bárbara López and Lucía Uribe.

It is another of the successful Spanish Netflix series in the world, although at first it was broadcast on Antena 3. The story revolves around an assault on the National Mint and Stamp Factory, commanded by “The Professor”, who recruits eight people with certain abilities, but also with defects, which could lead them to throw it all away. Emotion is present in each of the assault episodes and even the characters can win the sympathy of the viewers. Its fourth season premiered in April 2020.

The third and last season of this series was scheduled for April 23, 2020, and is located in the past of the characters, so more “gossip” about the De la Mora family is expected. In history, a family florist is apparently a symbol of happiness and union of the members. However, behind the facade, there are secrets that come to light and change the entire structure. Among other topics, bisexuality, transsexuality and drug addiction are addressed, of course, with the humor (black) that distinguishes Manolo Caro’s creations (Perfect strangers).

This is the first Spanish film on Netflix, which had favorable reviews when it was released in October 2016, and tells the story of four founding partners of a company … The problem is that they have to decide who in the quartet will lose their freedom to saving the company and the rest, in an environment in which friendship is tested and the interests of each seem the most important thing. The interesting thing about this production by Roger Gual (Smoking Room) is that everything takes place on one stage.

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Director Mateo Gil (Lazaro Project) defines his film as follows: “It is not a documentary on physics. But it’s not exactly a romantic comedy either. ” In the style of a false documentary, the story is told of Manel, a physicist, and Elena, a model and actress; his purpose is to prove that their love relationship was doomed to failure from the start, due to the laws of physics.

In this docuserie, each chapter stars a cue; You can learn more about tacos al pastor, carnitas, basket, barbecue, roast and stew. Likewise, there is room for those characters who, as a tradition, prepare these delicacies every day to delight the palates of different regions of Mexico. Of course, when you finish watching this series, it is sure that the unparalleled craving of a taco will be presented.

This is the first original Netflix series in Spanish, by Gaz Alazraki and Michael Lam, and starring Mariana Treviño, Luis Gerardo Méndez, Stephanie Cayo, Daniel Giménez Cacho and Ianis Guerrero. In the history of this comedy, after the death of Salvador Iglesias, owner of the (fictional) Cuervos de Nuevo Toledo club, his sons Salvador and Isabel Iglesias decide to compete to control the team. There are no middle ground, or this series is loved or hated.

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