New strong earthquake in Oaxaca

Yesterday Mexico was horrified with a strong tremor of 7.5 degrees on the Richter scale, which was recorded in Oaxaca, but was felt as far as Veracruz. Today a new strong earthquake in Oaxaca alerted the community, where the earth has not stopped moving.

According to National Seismological System, this June 24, almost a day after the strongest earthquake this year in Oaxaca, again trembled again at 08:43:53, with a magnitude of 4.0, located 43 kilometers northeast of Crucecita, same community in which it was presented yesterday.

The impressive thing is that, since yesterday the 7.5 earthquake occurred in southern Mexico, more than 1547 aftershocks have been recorded, where the most intense was recorded last night, with a magnitude of 5.5.

Six people lost their lives

Unfortunately, the first telluric movement yesterday morning, left a balance of 6 people lifeless, and various damages to property and roads, as well as a great scare to the population of states such as Oaxaca, Puebla, Guerrero, Morelia, Hidalgo, CDMX and Veracruz, where it was also felt.

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According to the Federal Civil Protection Coordinator, David Le├│n, the earthquake with epicenter in Oaxaca registered last Tuesday June 23 was perceived by at least 46 million people, affected the infrastructure of 14 million homes, 14,000 health units and 140,000 educational spaces.

However, thanks to the seismic alert, and the rapid action of the population, who already know what to do when these problems occur, no more lives were lost.

“Families in our country know what to do when the alert sounds,” he said.

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