Nintendo apologizes for Switch Joy-Con issues

Nintendo through its president Shuntaro Furukawa has issued its first formal apology for the continued problems that the switch control called Joy-Con has presented.

As reported by Eurogamer, after receiving a class action lawsuit from users in the United States, the company made its first public intervention regarding these problems in the context of the investor briefing.

Furukawa’s words were as follows “Regarding Joy-Con, we apologize for any problems caused to our customers.”

“We continue to aim to improve our products, but as Switch control is an object of class action in the United States, it is still a pending issue,” he added.

Recall that since its launch, the Nintendo Switch has been one of the most successful products of the Japanese company, but the problems with its controller have been far from being solved.

Nintendo apologizes for Switch Joy-Con issues
Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

In the context of a press conference, Farukawa insisted that “we would like to refrain for now from continuing to answer specific questions about the Joy-Con.”

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As for the lawsuit, hundreds of owners of the console in the US joined together to carry out an official class action against the company, after not offering them any solution with the joystick.

Within the complaint, people insist that the experience of using the control has been bad and that it does not respond to the commands they select, and that at times it is handled by itself.

The solution to this problem that the company provided is to offer its control repair service that works for free in the United States.

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