Niurka: Her daughter confesses in networks how she lost the extra pounds

Niurka Marcos She is one of the most controversial women in the middle of the show in Mexico, yet one of the women who has been hot on her heels due to her beauty and sincerity regarding her physique in front of all social networks is his daughter; Romina Marcos.

Despite the scandals and strong comments made by the actress and dancer Niurka Marcos, has become an exemplary woman for her family, fulfilling the role as a mother and being an example of A strong woman for her 25-year-old daughter Romina, who follows in her mother’s footsteps, being a free woman with her body.

Niurka’s daughter; Romina Marcos She is a singer and actress who has dedicated herself to launching her career as an artist in recent years and during this quarantine has shown that safety and beauty have been inherited from her mother. In addition to surprising Network users on how he has managed to lose several kilos based on diet and exercise.

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Romina Marcos a couple of months ago he underwent a plan to lose weight based on a balanced diet and a specific exercise routine, its transformation has caused an impact and admiration in social networks when wearing red lingerie, showing a flat and toned abdomen.

Because of this, Niurka’s daughter He did not hesitate to make a video on YouTube where he explains how his process to lose weight was, answering several questions from his followers regarding diets. For his part, Romina admitted that healthy lifestyle He liked it, but he would not sacrifice his tastes to eat to lose more weight.

At the moment, the latest photos of Romina They have generated several positive comments regarding her figure, in addition to showing her natural beauty without makeup or filters without fear of teaching her imperfections and confessing that she suffers from acne and how her self-esteem works along with skin care treatments.

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