The voice of Google Maps no longer seems that of a robot.

Google has announced a change more than necessary for the Spanish version of Google Maps: very soon the voice that offers us the sound prompts will be much more natural and human, since Google will switch to using the voice synthesis engine that the company already uses in its virtual assistant for mobiles and connected devices, instead of the old system used until now.

And, to demonstrate the advantages of this new voice engine, the company allows us to watch on video how the new voice sounds Google Maps, comparing the differences with respect to the previous system, present in the application for several years.

Google Maps Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Google Maps renews its voice in Spanish

This is how Google Maps will β€œsound” from now on

At the moment, the company has not confirmed details regarding the availability of this function, and therefore it is unknown when it will reach all Google Maps users, although the company assures that it will be available through a upgrade We do not know if the application itself, or if they refer to a change at the server level.

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However, we do know that it will affect female voice which arrives by default in Google Maps. In the video below these lines, shared by the company on its Twitter profile, you can hear the difference between one voice and another.

The differences are more than evident. The new voice generates a sound much more human and natural, very similar to the one we can find in the Google Assistant for some time now, and not as robotic as the previous voice model.

The dark theme of Google Maps could be close

This announcement comes just a few days after some of the great new features that will arrive at the quintessential maps and navigation application were discovered, including a slightly revamped interface and new route options that allow different types of transport to be combined.

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However, the news discovered a few days ago do not seem to be the only changes that are close to reaching the application. Apparently Google is planning bring the dark theme to Google Maps sooner or later, and thanks to the company’s search app, you can take a first look at the Maps interface with this new look.

Google Maps Dark Theme

This is how the dark theme would look in Google Maps

Thanks to the capture, shared by Android Police, we see how the map elements would look darker than usual, similar to what we can currently find if we activate the Google Maps navigation mode night mode, although with somewhat different tones. For now, Google has not confirmed that it is a feature on the way, although it is quite likely that sooner or later Google Maps will join the rest of the company’s applications that already include a dark theme.

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