Oatmeal and lemon mask to combat blackheads

How has your routine worked for you? skin care? Many times although we already have it established, there can be changes in our diet, our rest and our health that directly influence the condition of our skin. That is why we will talk to you about lemon and oatmeal mask to combat blackheads.

And is that if beauty it is the home and natural remedies tend to be of great help for many conditions, black points are no exception. In this case we are looking for something to help us deep clean the pores and close them, so oatmeal and lemon They are excellent options.

Undoubtely the best beauty tip is to go to a dermatologist for an appropriate diagnosis and combine treatment with home remedies to achieve a transformation of your skinBut if your black spots are sporadic, remedies like this lemon and oatmeal mask will be ideal.

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In itself, the black spots are known as comedones or acne comedonic and consist of an obstruction of the pores of the skin due to sebaceous production that takes place particularly on the face and nose. Accumulates melanin, therefore it becomes dark and hence the common name. The bait mixes with cellular debris that is retained at the outlet of the sebaceous gland.

The black spots They can appear due to constant exposure to contaminated environments, dust, constant application of makeup, hormonal changes and our production of oil on the skin. To prevent blackheads, wash your face daily when you wake up and before bed, try to exfoliate it once or twice a week.

Now,Oatmeal and lemon mask? Yes, the oats It works as a natural pain reliever, fights irritations, is a great cleanser that absorbs the accumulated dirt in the pores, prevents dehydration of the skin, reduces shine and removes dead cells, also removes impurities.

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For his part, the lemon favors the production of collagen, it fights skin spots, it has ascorbic acid with which it treats acne in a way that reduces the oxidation of fat and prevents the formation of new ones black spots or other impurities.

Oatmeal and lemon mask to combat blackheads. Pexels

How to prepare the lemon and oatmeal mask to combat blackheads on the skin

Prepare this homemade mask for skin care and eliminate blackheads It is very simple, all you need to do is follow this recipe to the letter:


  • ⅓ cup oatmeal
  • The juice of half a lemon


First blend the oatmeal to make it fine, it will look like powder. Now, place the ground oats in a bowl and slowly add the lemon juice while mixing until the ingredients are well integrated. When you lemon and oatmeal mask be ready, apply it on your clean face in the areas with black points with circular massages, using the fingertips.

Let the lemon and oatmeal mask act for fifteen minutes and remove with warm water. This mask should be used twice a week, try to do it before bed or on days when you will not leave the house, since the residues of lemon juice on your skin could cause spots when exposed to the sun.

If you feel the mask irritates you, remove it immediately to avoid damaging your skin.

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