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Mmester(ATC) Automatic Temperature Compensation portable ph pen pH meter; Tap water, aquarium, swimming pool and so on automatically correct water quality tester, meet the health of you and your family, healthy life makes you do whatever you want

Product Details:

Product name: Mini PH Meter

Net weight: 0.1 lbs

Size: 6 x 1.22 x 0.71 inches

Accuracy:0.01 pH

Resolution: 0.01 pH

Testing PH range: 0.00-14.00 pH

Testing temperature range: 0°C – 60°C (32°F – 140°F)

Product Operation Instructions:

Step1: Turn on the power and press ON/OFF button (The first button at the bottom of the lcd screen)

Step2: Product Calibration Method Set:

1)Immerse the electrode into the ph 6.86 solution(or 4.01 and 9.18) temperature of 25℃

2)Stri gentle and wait until the display stabilizes

3) Press the “CAL” (calibration) button 2 times and release. The meter can automatically identify the buffer solution

-Display will start flashing 6.86(or 4.01 and 9.18)

Wait until the display stops flashing and display ”end”

Rinse and dry the electrode with distilled water as before

4)Repeat steps 2-4 to correct the 4.01 or 9.18 buffer siolution

5)Place the meter back to the buffer solution to test calibration. If incorrect, please repeat the calibration

NOTICE: After the calibration is completed, put it into a known solution to detect if the displayed value is within the error range. Description is calibrated accurately and can be used normally

Step3: Put the electrode into the solution to be tested, stir it, and drive away the bubbles around the glass bubble. After the value is stable, read the value

What You Get:

1 x pH meter and 2 x packages calibration powder

Refund 6-months warranty and lifetime customer service from Mmester

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Auto-Calibration: Our Ph Meter has calibrated before factory, but recalibration is required because of long time inactivity; Easy calibration in 1-3 steps, the pH meter with auto calibration button can automatically identify standard buffer solution of pH4.00, pH6.86, and pH9.18
Pen Type & LCD Display Design: Best pocket pen test with elegant look and lightweight, which is convenient to carry and do your measuring anywhere; The clear lcd digital display is not only convenient for you to read the test results but also a good choice for you to protect your eyes
Automatic Temperature Compensation: Our ph meter has built in Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) by the temperature sensing alloy probe, so that it can accurately determine pH value of the sample at any temperature in a range of 0°C – 60°C (32°F – 140°F)
Application Scenario: Portable pH tester, can be widely used in industry, agriculture, medicine, food, environmental protection, etc; for swimming pool, aquarium, pure water and other water quality testing

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