Orange and papaya juice to rejuvenate quickly

We continue with our special series of home remedies to quickly rejuvenate and today we want to remind you of a practical, effective and delicious recipe: orange and papaya juice, ideal to nourish your skin in depth.

As we have mentioned, for the skin care the key is a good nutrition, because this is how we achieve deep nutrition and long-term effects, which is why if we want to combat aging or delay it, it is best to look for foods rich in nutrients that help the skin, the orange and the papaya they are part of that select group.

The papaya and orange juice will help you quickly rejuvenate because it makes a mixture of specialized ingredients in the wrinkle combat, expression lines and spots, you beauty it will lose the expiration date and your skin will look spectacular.

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In this beauty tip against him aging, papaya It will be a protagonist for its high content of papain, an exclusive enzyme in papaya that removes dead skin cells and regenerates it.

For his part, the Orange it is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, with it you will revitalize the face, you will improve your brain functions and strengthen your immune system, you will not only look younger but you will feel it.

How to prepare orange and papaya juice to rejuvenate quickly?

Prepare orange and papaya juice to quickly rejuvenate It is very simple, since you only need two ingredients and a few minutes in the morning to make it. This is the recipe you must follow:


  • 2 cups of papaya in pieces without peel
  • The juice of three oranges

Orange and papaya juice to rejuvenate quickly. Pexels


All you have to do is mix the juice of orange with the papaya in the blender, it will be enough to blend for a couple of minutes to integrate them well. Once ready, take immediately, if possible on an empty stomach, because this way you will make the most of the nutrients throughout the day.

It is recommended to take this orange juice with papaya twice a week, because this way you will enjoy the benefits without altering your body, because papaya will also speed up your digestion, although it will help you lose weight, it should not be abused.

Remember you can toggle this juice to quickly rejuvenate with others like that of red fruits, that of citrus fruits or that of apple with lemon.

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